Buffet Ganh Bong Sen Restaurant
8/11/2014 2:03:47 PM
First introduced in Vietnam over a decade ago in 1998, Ganh Bong Sen Buffet offers the perfect balance between the traditional dishes of Vietnamese cuisine and the Western-styled buffet dinner. A hand-painted mural depicting the Doi Quang Ganh (a contraption used for carrying water or foodstuffs, consisting of a flexible wooden rod balanced upon one’s shoulder which carries an equal amount of weight hung from each end), greets visitors at the entranceway of this unique buffet venue. Featured in the mural are images of many popular dishes normally found at the corners of open marketplaces in provincial towns, such as banh canh, banh xeo, banh khot, bun rieu, bun mam, to name a few. 

At the Ganh Bong Sen Buffet, the creative, talented, and experienced chefs elevate these common traditional dishes into symbols of culinary excellence with a taste that is both distinctive and yet equally familiar to a connoisseur of Vietnamese delicacies.

With a total of four branches that has available seating for up to 1,000 guests, Ganh Bong Sen Buffet is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Saigon, and rightfully so for its unparalleled specialty dishes that are representative of the unique cuisine styles of the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of Vietnam.

It is no surprise that many come to Ganh Bong Sen Buffet in order to enjoy the characteristic flavors of the three regions, in addition to experiencing the thrilling cultural atmosphere that Ganh Bong Sen Buffet successfully provides with every meal.

You want your palates to be awakened.  You want to experience the culture of Vietnam.  You want to be satisfied. Well, you can count on us. Here at Ganh Bong Sen Buffet, every meal is a feast for the gods.

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117 - 123 Dong Khoi Street District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Tel: (84-8) 382338016 Fax: (84-8) 38246762

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